Thursday, February 12, 2009

First official horse show

Hey everyone,

Here I am with Kalua at our first official horse show. We placed second in western horsemanship class. And had fun in the Western Pleasure class. Kalua did an excellent job the whole night, she didn't seem to mind the craziness of the show. For those of you who don't know the story on Kalua, she is the horse that I am training for the Trainers Challenge at Horse Affairs on February 20, 2009. Yep it is one week away. Things are starting to get exciting. Please stay tuned for next week I'm sure we will have plenty to report from the Challenge.

Oh, and the mule is Evita shown by Robert Simmons, a long time friend and riding partner of mine. They placed third in Western Horsemanship and fourth in Western Pleasure.

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  1. Jarom,
    That horse is looking good. I wished you guys lived closer so I could get you to work on colts for me when I don't have time. Keep the pictures and stories coming.